Washington Trust Bank


Washington Trust Bank brought us on to collaborate with their in-house marketing team for their Watrustology campaign. From brainstorming sessions to producing and shooting their new commercials and all of the still photography, we were honored to be involved every step of the way. It was a complex shoot with many green screen set ups and lots of compositing. We are thrilled to be able to work with such a fun group of people and are proud of how their commercials turned out. 

We also had the opportunity to shoot a video for an internal business presentation. The video stars the CEO and COO of WA Trust.  We had a blast and were amazed at the comedic timing these business professionals possess. They were so pleased with the video that they decided to run it as a TV commercial as well! 


In the process of creating the mad scientist scene, our production crew may or may not have inadvertently set off the fire alarms at Mobius Science Center. After a bit of explaining that it was only dry ice and not smoke, and a sweep of the building, the fire department let us continue our production.

Our vision for these commercials was very complex, requiring large green-screen sets, a time-critical schedule and on-camera talent from a variety of locations. From the initial planning meetings to the delivery of the end product, Mojo Lab proved their value by exceeding our expectations with the quality of their work, and showing nothing but the utmost professionalism while doing so. They made the entire experience seem almost effortless. 

 Best of all, they are a fun group of people to be around. 
 - Ingrid Campbell, Marketing Director, Washington Trust Bank
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