Sovereign Power

Energy Independence.

Partnering with Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation, Grid Alternatives, and Solar Energy International, Sovereign Power helps bring clean, renewable energy to our nation's native tribes. Sovereign Power promotes energy independence by installing solar pv systems to help foster job creation, workforce and economic development for tribal citizens and nations in the renewable energy sector.

A Cotton/Poly Blend.

"I need some t-shirts."

That was the first request we had from Jason Campbell, CEO of Sovereign Power. "Do you have a logo?" was our response, to which his answer was "No." From that simple exchange grew one of our largest and most innovative clients. Sovereign Power now has a complete brand strategy, sales materials, video documentation, and a new website. We are proud to be a part of Sovereign Power's efforts to change the lives of so many people with renewable green energy independence, all while wearing some pretty sweet new t-shirts.

Sovereign Power is a values based company. Sovereign Power is a reflection of our historic cultural values of stewardship and sustainability in all things. Mojo Lab is a company that understands those values as well as the value of relationship. Because the relationship has always come first, Mojo has distinguished itself through anticipating and fulfilling our needs in a way that has far exceeded our expectations! - Jason Campbell, CEO, Sovereign Power
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