Ravenous Catering

Deep Roots. Strong History.

Ravenous started in the corner of a dimly-lit restaurant over a bottle wine and a bowl of uninspiring pasta. Thinking, "we could do better than this", co-owners Valarie and David decided to do just that. Ten years later they are still providing delicious and handcrafted catering services to the Central Washington region. Their passion for organic but still mouthwatering meals inspired their unique, farm-to-table menus that are created with local vendors and even their own personal garden.

A Full Serving of Advertising.

The normal 9-to-5 doesn't fly with Ravenous; they're up every morning to pick fresh ingredients from the garden and orchards, and then they spend all day creating innovative dishes for their clients. With such a busy schedule, they had no time to make an impact online or provide information for potential customers. That’s when Mojo was brought in to cook up a thing or two of our own. We built them a brand new website, took some amazing photos while our stomachs growled, and we now handle all of their social media, and any leftovers.

From Desktop to Tabletop.

Mojo wanted to spice up Ravenous’ website to match the top-shelf quality of their food. The layout was to resemble a high-fashion editorial that gives the feeling of class and grace. The interactive elements easily guide potential customers through the website and provide all the information they need to make Ravenous their choice of caterer.

Better Content, Better Engagement

Every great social media campaign starts with quality content and professional strategy. In the new age of marketing and advertising, your digital identity means everything. Social media creates brand recognition, customer loyalty, and most importantly, a lasting impression. With the help of Mojo’s expert social media strategists, Ravenous Catering increased their following by 3000% and maintained over 2,000 engagements.

Mojo Lab is an amazing group of creative, innovative individuals. We know that no matter what we throw their way they will continue to deliver impressive results! - David Toal and Valarie Gilmour, Proprietors - Ravenous Catering
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