Parkwater Aviation

Education. Safety. Airmanship.

Every aspect of Parkwater Aviation's business is calculated, detail-oriented, and leaves nothing to chance. These are all important, reassuring qualities as well when you are flying two planes within feet of each other at 5,000 feet. We feel incredibly fortunate to be working with such a great client.

Navigational Refinements

In aviation, small adjustments to your course are required to get you where you want to go. The same applies to marketing. For example, Parkwater had a new logo that was nice, but it needed a bit more work. We adjusted the weight and balance, revised the font, and created a style guide to assure correct usage of their brand. 

We had used several other marketing agencies in the area over the past few years. Each time they enthusiastically presented us with proofs for pieces and each time we were underwhelmed. They just didn’t understand what we needed; or they weren’t willing to learn. With Mojo Lab we finally have what we wanted. No drama, attentive staff, a dedication to understanding us and materials that exceed our expectations even while still in draft form. We should have been with Mojo Lab a long time ago. They show the world what we really are. - Ken Smoll, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Pilot │ Parkwater Aviation
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