Movius Interactive

Refreshing a Global Brand.

Being a global leader in mobile applications that enables communications on any device and across any network, Movius was already well-positioned. Like any company over time, Movius realized it was time for a brand refresh. So they partnered with us to update their identity and collateral, as well as design and develop their new website.

Website Redesign.

Three months after launching their website built by some “hot shot” Los Angeles design firm, Movius asked Mojo Lab to take over and start from scratch. They wanted a website that was built for the people. "Easy to use" and "simple to understand" were their only requirements. After days of late nights and an ocean’s worth of coffee, we created a design that had both excellent user experience and a clean tech aesthetic. With the new website, Movius is sure to see an increase in website traffic that is certain to lead to a rise in profit overall.

Mobile App Content.

Movius’ most prominent app, MyIdentities, is used to organize your phone between work and personal. To show a customer how helpful this app truly is, Movius asked Mojo Lab to create onboarding slides. Simply put, we created the user guide that shows how to use the app with maximum benefits.

Animated Videos.

Our first project for Movius was to create product explainer videos for their MyIdentities application, and their Café web service core. The problem was that the complicated jargon the telecom world uses is like a foreign language to most of us. Their customers weren’t fully understanding exactly what new products Movius was coming up with and how they could benefit from them. That is why Mojo Lab decided to use animation for compelling visual storytelling as a way to explain the product so that anyone can understand.

Mojo has been an invaluable partner in the rebranding of our solutions. Their honesty and thoroughness has made them an indispensable part of our team. - Jose M. Romero, VP of Marketing, Movius
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