Northwest MedStar

In The Air. On The Ground.

Northwest MedStar is the region's premier critical care transport service, and is dedicated to the safe, compassionate care for thousands of critically ill or injured patients each year. Through helicopter, fixed wing, and ground-based transports, they bring patients to health care facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Working with the INHS team, Mojo Lab was able to capture the brave and heroic efforts of the MedStar team.

Four Spots. One Message.

Our latest television campaign featured four patients whose lives had been changed or even saved by MedStar. Shooting everywhere from remote meadows to football fields, we had our share of logistical production challenges. But in the end, both Mojo Lab and the client are very proud of this award-winning cinematic campaign.

The Mojo team is a great group of talented individuals, each bringing their own vision and skill to our projects. They knock it out of the ball park every time. - Allison Morgan, Digital Communication Specialist, INHS