You said what?

"You honestly don't need to advertise and you will still be successful."

These are the exact words we told Bill Alles when we sat down to discuss an advertising plan with him. What agency would ever say that to a client? We did, and it was the truth. Churchill's Steakhouse already had a well-earned local reputation for having outstanding food, service, and atmosphere, as well as a robust Facebook following. Throwing advertising dollars at in-market viewers was not vital. The only time of the year Churchill's wanted to see if they could improve their numbers was the summer months. We went to work and came up with a plan to fix that.

Our strategy was to reach the out-of-market travelers coming to Spokane during the summer for business or pleasure, and entice them with mouth-watering photography and well-positioned print ads. Once they walk through Churchill's doors, our work is done. We launched the campaign targeting in-flight magazine placement on Alaska and Horizon Air as well as print and sponsorship opportunities at area golf courses. The results? The numbers for Churchill's summer months are suddenly up and we aren't surprised.

Challenge Accepted.

We never shy away from a challenge. One evening Bill Alles came over to our table and said, "I think I want you to make a commercial for me. I don't think I want to see photos of my food and maybe not even the inside of my restaurant, but I want it to be the best %#@ commercial ever made." Challenge excepted. This should be fun.

Sleep? Never heard of it.

After several days of brainstorming and waking up panicked in the middle of the night, we had our concept. This is not about Churchill's at all; this is much bigger. This commercial will be so generic, yet so powerful, that it will work for a steakhouse, a bank, or any local business that we tag at the end of it.

We went to work capturing just the right candid moments around town. No actors, no script, and nothing but a handheld camera and a few extra cards and batteries in our back pocket. We would let the moments happen naturally, and be there to capture them.

The end result met and exceeded Bill's request. What we created was a commercial that was praised not only by Bill, his staff, and his customers, but by the Spokane business community as being the perfect postcard, capturing the essence of Spokane like never before. We couldn't agree more. That's why we're here.

They are honest, committed, and results-oriented. They do it all- very well. TV commercials, web, photography, print and media placement. Their combined knowledge and industry experience set them a part from a traditionally formed agency. - Bill Alles, Proprietor
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