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Chewelah Casino is a small casino that had suffered from years of essentially flat revenue. For quite a while, the casino's campaigns were standard-issue, small casino fare based around local television, billboards, minor print publications, and direct mail. They hired Mojo to turn their luck around.

What could we do to fix this problem? How can a small casino 45 miles from Spokane, WA increase their revenue stream when they are competing with glossy, regional, Vegas-style casinos? What can Chewelah Casino offer to make them stand out in a crowded casino market? These were the questions we asked ourselves. And then we got to work.


Through market research, client information, and customer surveys, we determined that the majority of the casino’s customer base lives within a 25-mile radius of the casino, an area that is blue-collar and economically depressed. We also learned that the highest-rated area of the casino was their food quality.

Our decision was to change the focus of their existing campaign, as well as where they were spending their marketing dollars. We dramatically reduced their radio buy and completely cut out television advertising. We then upgraded their print placement to publications that were more in-line with the casino’s brand, and focused their billboard placement away from Spokane to the North 395 corridor while cutting the total number of boards and outdoor budget by 30%. We then launched a campaign focused on having fun and getting a great value. “Pick a Meal, Get a Deal” brought back the forgotten idea that if you offer great food at a low price, people will come to eat and stick around to have fun on the gaming floor.

The Results

In July of 2014, only two short months after we started working with the Spokane Tribe, the casino immediately saw record increases in revenue in both their cafe and their gaming floor. Monthly revenue increased from 15 – 50%, with a yearly average of 24%. We increased profit while spending dramatically less on marketing. What business wouldn’t like to see these numbers?


Monthly revenue increase


Yearly revenue increase


Happy Client
With the help of Mojo, we were able to drive awareness in the marketplace which resulted in an average monthly increase of 24% in revenues on a year-over-year comparison. - Erika Kaupp, Marketing Director, Chewelah Casino
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