American Childhood Cancer Organization

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We are proud to be involved with the American Childhood Cancer Organization, assisting them with all things advertising and production. When Amazon collaborated with the ACCO for September's Childhood Cancer Awareness campaign, we came up with creative and produced multiple commercials.  We also became the social media management team across all platforms. Most importantly though, we got to spend several days with Alex, ACCO's September Childhood Cancer Ambassador. Not only did we create powerful imagery for online, print and digital marketing from the photo sessions we spent with Alex, we also created a great new friendship!

Real people. Not Actors.

Now and then we come up with an idea that is perfect in our minds, but we know will be very difficult to actually create. We needed an energetic 4 1/2-year-old and a 7-year-old who's battling cancer to deliver subtle on-screen emotions that would be the key to the success of the entire campaign. The fact that they were shot on different days, in different locations and they are not actors made the end result that much more's exactly as we had envisioned it. 

PJammin Community

Pajamas are the battle uniform for children during cancer treatment. They spend many days, or even months, wearing them constantly. Our commercial creates a community that goes about their daily lives in their PJs in solidarity with these childhood heroes.   

Children and their families trust our organization to protect them from situations that may make them feel more vulnerable. Mojo Lab is the company that we entrust with respecting the sensitivities and emotional needs of our families, as well as the production of highly impactful videos. Mojo Lab is creative, compassionate and professional. - Ruth Hoffman MPH, Executive Director, ACCO
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