American Childhood Cancer Organization

Local. National. Global.

We are proud to be involved with the American Childhood Cancer Organization on both the local and national levels, assisting them with all things advertising and production. One of the videos we recently created for the ACCO in collaboration with Childhood Cancer International was presented at the 68th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHA is the highest decision-making body of the World Health Organization, and the world's highest health policy-making body. It is attended by delegations from all 194 WHO Member States, as well as representatives from other international development organizations. The impact ACCO services have on children with cancer and their families across the globe is truly inspirational.

Brand Consistency.

ACCO asked us to assist them with brand consistency by creating a solution and style guide to ensure proper logo usage across their many regional and local divisions.

Board of Directors.

Ruth Hoffman, the Executive Director of ACCO, asked Clint Janson, our Advertising Principal, if he would be interested in sitting on the ACCO National Board of Directors. A resounding "YES" was his response. We are honored to be part of such a important decision-making team.

Children and their families trust our organization to protect them from situations that may make them feel more vulnerable. Mojo Lab is the company that we entrust with respecting the sensitivities and emotional needs of our families, as well as the production of highly impactful videos. Mojo Lab is creative, compassionate and professional. - Ruth Hoffman MPH, Executive Director, ACCO
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