Different. On Purpose.

Mojo Lab started in May 2013, in a spare bedroom with two iMacs, a $400 digital SLR camera, and a plan to do things differently. The idea was to do what’s best for the client, regardless of conventional wisdom, and good things will happen. “Different. On Purpose.” is the culmination of this often overlooked philosophy. We started out simply, as a production company. Within a few months, we realized that our clients wanted more, and we knew Mojo could deliver. That is when we turned Mojo Lab into an all-inclusive production house and full service advertising agency; a one-stop-shop for all things advertising. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but we have now assembled a team of employees we feel are easily the most talented in the region. With a global list of clients and a “do it all” kind of attitude, Mojo Lab delivers the highest quality work for all of our clients and projects.